Your Performance Team

Your Performance Team

At Naples Personal we do things differently...

We provide world class coaching and science-based programs to help athletes reach their potential. 

Our Performance team is among the best educated and professionally best-trained anywhere in Florida. We’ve always emphasized that fitness is more than body movement: it takes a commitment to healthy nutrition, a positive mindset, and the willingness to learn and experience new ideas. 

Kevin Chiddister (Owner)

Kevin earned his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science in 2009. His mission is with each athlete he trains they meet their full potential. With 15 years of coaching and training experience, he has the ability to not only improve each athlete’s physical performance but also create a connection with athlete that help them strive to put forth their best effort. 

Dr. Otto Jaasko

Otto received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Florida Gulf Coast University and he successfully passed his Board of Certification examinations to become a certified sports medicine provider. 
Otto moved to the U.S. to play top-level Ice Hockey. He has worked with a diverse group of NCAA Division 1 athletes. Through his academic, athletic and clinical experience, Otto provides a unique mix of sports medicine and fitness expertise through sports performance training.

Dr. Gene Giamarino

Gene has been practicing physical therapy and athletic training for more than 40 years. Having played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization, Gene understands the nuances of athletic performance. Through his sports performance evaluations, Dr. Giamarino can assess athletes break down their weakness and physical limitations, and prescribe a training regimen. 

Gene has completed the medical division certification from the Titlelist Performance Institute. His specific programs in golf fitness allow him to evaluate players through video analysis, a comprehensive screening assessment and a corrective exercise regime that is tailored to each athlete. Gene has developed several programs at The Jim McLean Golf School in Miami where he worked to facilitate hip and trunk movement associated with an efficient and reproducible golf swing.

Nick Lambe

Nick with certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Sleep Performance, behavioral psychology, brain health, stress management and more. Nick brings a wide range of knowledge of health and fitness to NPT. Though his experiences as a Wellness Specialist, Nick is no stranger to working with Division 1 and professional athletes. Nick has developed a multi-phase recovery program to ensure athletes are progressing at a safe and effective pace. 

Dave Lessard

Dave received his Physical Therapy degree from the University of Ottawa in Canada and has been practicing since 2012. He also completed his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology at Laval University in 2010. 

Dave grew up playing football and hockey, and has been involved in sports since then. He has worked with athletes of all levels, from high school to professional athletes. His passion for football brought him to work as a physical therapist and coach in the high school and college level. His passion for sports and rehabilitation combined with his knowledge and skills help him personalize each athlete’s experience according to the client’s need. 


Ryan Reader

Ryan currently is the director of Pickleball Operations in the Pickleball Capital of the World, Naples Florida. Ryan is entering his 3rd season in this role and will be the first to tell you the future is very bright for Pickleball. Ryan’s passion is being able to develop athletes and watching others succeed in making their goals become a possibility.  Last season, Ryan received the “Inspirational Coaching Award” with his development of Pickleball in the Special Olympics in Orlando. Ryan would like to thank all his sponsors who play an instrumental role in the growth of the sport and continued success of Pickleball! You can contact Ryan at or check out the Pickleball Academy of SWFL.

Sheri Ehrhard

My personal journey with health & fitness began in 2012 when I started training to compete in fitness competitions. Becoming a personal trainer was a natural progression as my physique changed drastically. I quickly became a go-to fitness expert in my local gym, workplace & community. I truly enjoy helping people get oriented to new exercise routines safely while maximizing results.

Training Philosophy: I pack as much as I can into a highly effective session starting with a 5 minute dynamic warm-up, followed by balance & core work, then Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ), before moving on to circuit training (Examples: LIIT, HIIT, TABATA, fat loss, ect.) and ending with a fun finisher or quick fitness challenge immediately preceding a cool-down period with static stretching & time permitting, foam rolling.

I always have a plan & push clients past their comfort zone, while keeping them safe, in order to help them see changes quickly without getting injured. I believe in enjoyable, yet challenging training sessions. Modifications & progressions are always available. Safety & proper form are my primary concerns.

Susan Mann

Susan can help you reach your goals!

Susan has been a certified Pilates Instructor since 2001 (with over 800 hours of training) through Kathy Corey, Master Instructor. Susan  underwent comprehensive Polestar Pilates training, integrating Physical Therapy and Pilates. She is  a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, and has worked with clients, who have had physical injuries or disabilities, helping them return to golf.

Her Physical Therapy doctoral case study was entitled the Integration of  Health Coaching and Physical Therapy, and is published in Pro Quest.  In addition Susan is a Certified Health Coach, through  Wellcoaches tm, and is on a personal quest for health and wellness. She enjoys helping others to reach their wellness goals.

Susan Baver Mann, DPT,  received her transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University in May 2015,  her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Iowa with an emphasis on Ergonomics and the Biomechanics of the Spine and Sports Biomechanics, and BS in Physical Therapy from University of Kansas. She has over 30 years of experience as a physical therapist, focusing on women’s health and wellness issues ( such as low back pain, pelvic floor weakness, osteoporosis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain).  Susan mixes, Pilates, Physical Therapy and Wellcoaching to help you to become your Best Self for Health.

Katie Mulligan

Katie became certified to teach in 2011 and has been teaching since then, over 1500 classes.  She believes that yoga is for everybody and seeks to make the class accessible to all. Yoga helps to calm the mind, open and strengthen the body, nourish the heart, and enliven the spirit. Katie continues to study, learn, and grow on a daily basis. She loves to share and teach the ancient practice of yoga; encouraging her students to move, breathe, and find joy in their being. She believes yoga, as a healing art and science, has the ability to lift and inspire the human spirit, as well as to heal body and mind. Yoga is deep, transformative love in motion. Her aim is that after class, you feel more refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

Lee Pinkham

“Lee is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with a strong passion for Corrective Exercising, which is exercises focused on improving: muscular imbalances, postural issues, and abnormal movement patterns. Lee takes a unique approach to every individual he works with regardless of age, as “healthy living” should be integrated into your current lifestyle in fun & realistic ways. Lee says: “I want you to find the enjoyment in exercise and make it a part of your everyday lifestyle. Exercising shouldn’t be something you dread doing every day, but something you look forward to doing!” 

Jen Owens

Jennifer Owens is a certified trainer with over seven years’ experience in designing creative and effective group fitness classes and personalized exercise plans. Jen is skilled at designing a welcoming and fun environment in which clients of all ages can successfully achieve their health and wellness goals. As a former elementary school teacher, Jen is a passionate instructor and understands the importance of being engaged in motivating others to succeed.